Effective communication is an essential part of any relationship. Interactions between family members, friends and colleagues all depend on sharing information in order to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure everyone feels appreciated. The impact strong communication can have on romantic relationships may be the most dramatic of all, as there are so many dynamics that exist between couples. You may think you’re safe because you regularly talk to your significant other. However, the right kind of talking must exist in order to keep the romance alive and to avoid the types of negative feelings that so often develop in long-term relationships. Read on to learn about better communication techniques for a stronger romance.

Use Your Words

One of the absolute worst and most common communication errors between couples is making assumptions. You may think your partner should know that you’re upset based upon your body language or some other context clue, but that is rarely the case. In all likelihood, they may not even be aware they’ve done anything to cause offense. No one is a mind reader. Failing to tell your significant other what’s bothering you only leads to resentment on your part and tension between you…

Embrace Confrontation

Few of us enjoy confrontation. Being direct with another about a tough subject requires facing potentially negative reactions like disappointment, anger, disapproval and sadness. However, you’ve probably learned throughout your life that avoiding tough issues is usually worse. In order to correct something that is upsetting to you or to ensure your needs are being met, it’s imperative to share your feelings openly. Doing so doesn’t have to be scary. Communicating in a direct, but caring, way without placing blame is the key to working through the tough stuff. You can soften the impact by using “I statements” to put the focus on how you feel, rather than on your loved one’s actions.

Take Action

One of the most effective ways to communicate actually doesn’t involve words at all. Instead, the focus is on actions. Actions really can speak louder than words in a variety of ways. Showing that you care through touch, a hug or kiss is often better than a statement of love. Taking time to perform a thoughtful act goes a long way toward demonstrating that you’ve heard your partner’s complaints or wishes. Following through on your promises and putting forth effort to match that of your significant other goes much farther than empty words. There is a definite art to effective communication between couples. Perfecting that art may not happen overnight. Practice and consistency will pay off, and you’ll soon begin to see the romance in your relationship bloom.