Create Small Romance Rituals for a Big Impact

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for five months or five years, you probably know that relationships require effort in order to be successful. Maintaining regular communication, being willing to compromise and providing emotional support for each other are key elements of a healthy partnership. However, one of the most crucial, but easily neglected, requirements of happy couples is to never take each other for granted. With busy schedules and stressful obligations, it’s common to neglect your partner, leading to feelings of insecurity and resentment. Taking time to connect with each other through small acts is an easy way to show your love and devotion. Consider the following suggestions for creating small romance rituals to incorporate into your daily routine.

Daily Wake Up

Starting off the day with a ritual of love can be one of the most effective actions you can take toward keeping your relationship on track. Beginning any day on a positive note is always a good thing, as it seems to set the tone. We all know that a bad day usually begins that way and continues with a succession of annoyances. If you live together, begin a wake up ritual that can be as simple as giving each other a kiss before allowing the other to leave the bed. Those who live apart can get creative with texts, sending short notes of a cute GIF before beginning each day.

Coming Together

Setting an intentional ritual for coming together upon returning home or completing your work day can truly help to make you feel more connected to your mate. This kind of connection is often lost in the hustle and bustle of fixing dinner, checking kids’ homework or other such obligations. Your check-in ritual can be as quick as stopping to ask about each other’s day or more leisurely like sipping a glass of wine together to catch up. You can add efficiency by working together each day to complete a chore such as dinner prep or dishes. Choose something that fits your lifestyle.

Nightly Assurance

At the very end of the day when all is quiet is a perfect time to reassure your love of their importance. A simple statement such as, “I really appreciate you offering to do my chore tonight when you saw how tired I was,” lets your significant other know they are appreciated. Reaching out in some small way each evening can become a cherished ritual that helps to cement your bond.

These are suggestions to inspire you in the creation of your own romance rituals. You don’t necessarily have to incorporate a ritual for each part of your day, but do consider the types of actions that would be most meaningful in your relationship. Also, consider adding a special ritual for coming together midweek. Something that is a bit more time indulgent can keep the spark going strong.