How Expressing Gratitude Leads to a Stronger Romance

How Expressing Gratitude Leads to a Stronger Romance

Gratitude has been shown to be beneficial in a number of ways. Taking time to consider your good fortunate with regard to various aspects of your life usually leads to positive feelings and thoughts, which then influence actions. Being appreciative of what you have and of the good in others brings about numerous physical, psychological and social benefits. Those social benefits play out in unique ways with regard to romantic relationships according to a study by Amie M. Gordon of the University of California, Berkeley. Read on to discover how expressing gratitude can lead to a stronger romance between you and your partner.

Enhances Value

When you’re appreciative of your significant other, you are able to see their value. Whether it’s recognition of an endearing personal trait, an exemplary skill or even physical appearance, appreciation increases perceived value. When you find something valuable, you want to hold onto it. Gratitude allows you to better see the benefit of what your love has to offer, leading to an increased desire to maintain the relationship.

Inspires Motivation

Your increased feelings of appreciation for the value your partner brings to your life are likely to fuel the actions you take toward keeping your treasure. As a response to feelings of gratitude, couples in Gordon’s study were shown to act in more positive ways toward their partners and to be more attentive listeners. They were motivated to act in ways that would increase the likelihood of maintaining their relationship. These types of actions tend to increase intimacy between partners.

Fuels Reciprocation


When you begin to feel and express appreciation for your partner, the cycle of gratitude is set in motion. Your actions do not go unnoticed. Acts of caring and attention go a long way toward eliciting positive feelings in your significant other, who is then inspired to reciprocate in kind. It makes sense that someone who feels wanted by their partner will want to return the favor. Remember that perceived value leads one to take actions to solidify commitment.

Perhaps now you can see why grateful couples usually have longer-lasting relationships. Taking time to appreciate something about your partner each day can have a tremendous impact on your interactions, especially in those times when things have gotten stale. Gratitude is a simple, but powerful, tool for renewing the romance.

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