Make Time for Romance

Make Time for Romance

In a world full of obligations, we try to prioritize. The things we deem most important get done first. Less immediate issues receive attention when time becomes available. Sometimes you may even find yourself just rushing through life trying to keep things from falling apart. During these hectic periods, alone time with your significant other likely falls to the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of connecting as a couple on a regular basis. An absence of such connection can have negative ramifications on your relationship and on other aspects of your life. Consider adopting some of the following ideas meant to help you find ways to make time for romance.

Start Small

If you aren’t used to being intention in setting aside couple time, it may be best to start with baby steps. Brainstorm agreed upon ways to spend just a short block of time together each day or even a few times a week at first. Perhaps 20 minutes after the kids go to bed or a phone call during a common quiet period during your days could be easier to arrange than you thought. Soon, you’ll find this habit becomes routine and much easier to prioritize and begin to notice the benefits it brings to your interactions.

Do Some Creative Rearranging

Sometimes you may have to move things around a little bit in your schedule to be able to find together time. Challenge yourselves to be creative in your rearranging, and you’ll have a handful of ideas in no time. For example, instead of trying to cook a big meal the kids aren’t likely to eat, perhaps you could prepare something quick for the little ones and order delivery after they go to bed. Doing this just once or twice a week is fine. You’ll be surprised the impact having an uninterrupted meal can have on your romance.

Find Common Fun

Chances are that you and your honey participate in a hobby or two. Why not find something you’ve both wanted to try, and forego one of your individual pursuits in order to try something new together? Doing so will add to your self-growth and enjoyment, while giving you the added benefit of experiencing something together. It’s these shared experiences that we look back on fondly later in life and that make living so much more meaningful.

Go Big

After incorporating some small changes into your lives in order to gain more togetherness, you may find that you’re ready to think a bit bigger. Add an adventure to spice things up and bring you together. This may take some planning and sacrifice, but it will almost always be worth it. Think of a major adventure you each have wanted to try and then figure out how to make it happen. Sky diving, a vacation to a long-dreamed about destination or a hot air balloon ride are some ideas to get your juices flowing. Making your big plan a reality adds another memorable experience to your repertoire and reinforces the importance of making time for each other.

Use these suggestions to spark some ideas of your own that will fit your personalities and lifestyle. Even the smallest effort is a start toward solidifying your connection.

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